Blackwater Studio Pottery

Hand-made ceramics for everyday use and pleasure

My journey to making ceramics

I first became involved in the making of ceramics in 2015 when I visited the studio of Catherine Dodds, an artist and ceramicist based in Wivenhoe.  Amongst many other items she had made a beautiful golden bowl and I felt someone had turned on a light inside me.  I joined a wonderful open-access ceramics studio in Hoxton called Turning Earth to learn the basic techniques of throwing and glazing.  I am still a member of Turning Earth and am indebted to their skilled, friendly and creative membership and staff.  They have remained a continuing source of inspiration and creativity, especially during the Time of Covid.  

Due to Covid I now work exclusively in my studio on the shores of the River Blackwater.  I belive the scenery and my roots here have influenced my recent work in terms of subject matter (wildlife) and colour (seascapes and sunsets ...although red is a hard colour to perfect in terms of glazing).

Through the apparently dull medium of clay I have found a real joy and freedom to express my creativity.