Blackwater Studio Pottery

Hand-made ceramics for everyday use and pleasure

Handmade ceramics

I am a studio potter working on the shores of the River Blackwater in Essex.  I make a selection of Stoneware bowls and dishes as well as small sculptures.  Please browse my picture gallery.

A little about pottery ....

Ceramics are usually Earthenware, Stoneware or Porcelain. Each material requires clay to be shaped, fired and usually glazed. I personally work in Stoneware which means my work is fired to 1240°C making the pieces dense, durable and suitable for everyday life and usage (such as ovens & dishwashers).

My Studio

Making anything in clay can be a messy process and to be a studio potter you usually need your own wheel and kiln. I’m lucky enough to have both in my studio on the shores of the River Blackwater, Essex. 

Many ceramicists eventually focus on a particular style/look/process but I still enjoy experimenting. I sometimes add elements like wood, rope or other materials to my pots or sculptures and I enjoy making tiny as well as larger forms.  For example if you explore my site you will see some small pottery flowers which I enjoy placing on found driftwood.  On the larger side you will see a whale which I made using individually created ceramic mosaic pieces.  It seems to me there are endless opportunities to experiment with ceramics: colour, form & function being the most obvious.  


Please explore my selection of pots and objects


I ask that you contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my creations.  I have many more bowls and objects than shown on this website and would be happy to share more images if you have a particular area of interest.  

Price is of course important.  My bowls/cups are in the region of £10-15, lidded jars slightly more.  Platters & large bowls are £30+.  Sculptures are more expensive with prices ranging from £50-80 and in rare instances over £100.  

The money from all my sales goes to Autism charities.  



"Tidelines", three Lavaflex bowls with a tide line of glaze

Fishes in a Dish, multiple glazes

Driftwood handle spoons

Selection of stoneware bowls, three glazes

Mosaic Whale

Golden Hare

Small bowl & jug, three glazes and gold lustre detail


I love using shells, wood or other items washed up on the Blackwater shores.  Sometimes I add these to my work, othertimes I just enjoy the functional simplicity of throwing a bowl on the wheel.  

In this image I show some small pottery flowers with intense glazes, including gold lustre.  When combined with driftwood I think they make quirky and pleasing pieces of artwork.  I would be happy for  people to create their own unique compositions using my flowers in their own creative ways.  

Hungry Pelican, black clay, transparent glaze buffed with gold wax

Trio: lidded jars, white stoneware with celedon & clear glaze

Splatter: Platter glazed in St Lucia Lemon, blue, speckled cream & white